Well, today was a hectic day that kept getting more and more hectic, but I pulled it together and pulled it off!

I actually slept well, but my morning was spent at occupational therapy (bright and early), which interrupted my normal art time. I decided to go to Affinity a bit early (since I was already in town) to work on business admin, and had planned on catching up on my study and drawing time at the studio.

That didn’t work as well as planned, but I was still able to finish most of my studies and do some art before leaving the studio for the day..

My warm-up. All digital today since I wasn’t in the cabin. These were much more difficult to do than my usual traditional warm-up exercises.

Daily gestures. These were also much more difficult digitally. I find that odd, since I do most of my work preparing for appointments with digital tools. I think I’ll alternate my exercises to gain more control over digital media and traditional media (hopefully at a similar pace).

A tattoo design that I prepared for later in the week. Using the digital tools available really streamlined the process.

Not much time was left for more art after this, especially not with more errands. I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish, but wish I had a less busy day.

What went well?

  • Digital tools to help with a very symmetrical design.
  • Recovering some art time, even if I felt rushed.

What needs work?

  • Stress management on hectic days.
  • More oscillation.
  • Planning for more time on busy days like this.
  • Warm-ups and gestures digitally.

What did I learn?

Stress has a HUGE impact on my ability to focus. I need to focus on my breath, oscillate, meditate…do whatever it takes to get in the right mindset to create before I try to create.

Session: #6

Duration: 1.25 hours

Media Used: 

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