I actually slept well and went through my morning without incident today! Thank you, tiny humans, for letting me get things done today!

My normal warmup page. I had trouble with my circles today, I’m not sure why.

My gestures after studying some Steve Huston. I was trying to integrate the new information I learned into my gestures, but I feel like it stiffened them up this time ’round.

After my gestures, I finished writing the first article at euCreativ! The example warmup page I did in that article was created with assisted drawing, mostly to show what an ideal warmup would look like.

I wish I could get an actual warmup page to look that nice! LoL

I helped a friend / business acquaintance design a cover image and logo for his new podcast. I hope it goes well!

And, finally, I created a simple logo design for a website I’m in the process of creating for a client.

What went well?

  • A super-smooth morning and a good night’s sleep!
  • Publishing a very long art-related article.
  • Making progress on some of my open loops.

What needs work?

  • I feel like I experienced an inevitable backslide with my gestures today.
  • I ended up going down rabbit-holes during web development for my client, so my time is becoming much less valuable.

What did I learn?

I need to avoid taking on too many responsibilities with my projects. Stick within the scope, don’t let it creep.

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