Today was another “off” day for me. Arya (my daughter) was up and down a lot last night and I didn’t get much rest.

Unfortunately, I had a client appointment today and my wife needed to meet with her academic advisor, so I didn’t have much time for self-care today.

I still managed to get a tiny bit of drawing in before today’s tattoo, but I didn’t save the work.

I did the hummingbird tattoo today, though. And then I went home to get some rest after running some errands.

What went well?

  • Not breaking the chain.
  • Doing a tattoo for a repeat client.

What needs work?

  • My readiness. It was low and I didn’t have an opportunity to fix it.

What did I learn?

What can go wrong will go wrong — at the worst possible time. It seems like events outside of my control synchronize at the worst possible time. The kids didn’t keep me up the night before I had a light work-day, they did it before I needed to be at peak performance.

I think I need to be more proactive before days like this so I get in bed EXTRA super-early, just in case the kids decide to challenge me. 🙂 I love my kids with everything I am, but they can be exhausting!

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