I got a later start than I would like today, but I still got some drawing in!

I rushed through my warmup a little bit, not spending quite as much time as I would like on it.

After my warmup, it was time for tattoo critiques at Affinity. I spent approximately an hour talking over my pieces and doing over-drawings on the rest of the team’s work.

Trying to combine gesture methods between the Reilly method, mannequin, and the exercise from The Natural Way to Draw (not lifting the pencil/stylus) is producing some pretty interesting, dynamic results. It’s something I want to continue playing around with.

After my gestures I’d planned to start working on client drawings, but ended up teaching the apprentice some exercises for understanding the basic forms (Cube, Cylinder, Sphere) and the anatomy of shadows, along with critiquing her latest drawing. She’s progressing nicely!

What went well?

  • Exploring different styles and methods for gesture drawing.
  • Getting feedback on my art, and giving feedback to my peers and students.
  • Having the opportunity to teach.

What needs work?

  • Finding the time to create art on meeting day.
  • Getting my client drawings prepared for the week.

What did I learn?

I love helping people learn and improve their art. It has been a while since I had the opportunity to REALLY teach. It was…awesome! Today was a great reminder of the things I love to do.

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