Yesterday was an incredibly long day, but I got a TON of sleep last night, then went to occupational therapy this morning (bright and early).

The house is still a mess, I still have two appointments that I need to draw for, and my stress levels are through the roof, but I took care of my sleep first.

I did my warmup after I got to work and got the studio cleaned up. I decided to really take my time on these, focusing on the “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” mentality.

This is probably one of the most accurate warmup sheets that I’ve ever done.

Oddly, I struggled through my gestures today. A lot. I couldn’t focus on the poses, my mind just kept racing to other things.

And I got to tackle the cover-up tattoo today. I used a different needle grouping for the lines on this one, and I love how easy the tattoo was to apply. Yay for 9RL XT!

I need to put in another session to build line weights and add black to a few areas, but I’m incredibly happy with how much progress I made on this today.

What went well?

  • One of my favoritest clients ever asked me if I wanted to reschedule because she knows I’m overwhelmed this week.
  • Much more accurate warmup.
  • Executing a good cover-up.

What needs work?

  • Finding focus during gesture drawing.
  • Adding more black to cover-up tattoos (in a smart way).

What did I learn?

Cultivating the people I work with is essential for my future. Not just my coworkers, but my clients. Having a client reach out to me to ask if I need to reschedule for MY sake is amazing, especially since I over-booked myself this week.

I may be losing a little bit of income, but the amount of stress relief I got from that was amazing. I have all day tomorrow to draw and catch up for next week. It’s such a relief.

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