I had a good start today! My Oura let me know that my readiness was incredibly low again today, so I didn’t push myself too hard on this morning’s workout.

Still, I got to the cabin on time and I was feeling pretty good.

The quality of today’s warmup page seems to be above average — I’ll take it! I just took my time and focused on the work.

After the warmup I watched some more lessons from Steve Huston and took notes. One of the things that jumped out to me during today’s lesson was that you can think of tubes as gesture forms. Most instructors teach about the line of action and gesture lines, but Huston thinks of the tube as a gestural form — combining structure and gesture into one step.

So I went back to the daily sketch I had up and running and tried to run with that idea during my 2-minute poses.

Note: I did my 30-second poses this morning, and, as expected, I think it had a positive impact on my 2-minute poses.

I’m still trying to internalize the idea that tubes can be used as gesture forms instead of relying on gesture lines. I like it!

What went well?

  • Discovering a new way to think about tubes.
  • A smooth morning at the cabin.
  • Meeting with the Optimize Artists.

What needs work?

  • Figuring out why on Earth my sleep has been so “off” lately.

What did I learn?

The tube thing. 😂 That was really an awesome discovery. Thanks, Steve!

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