I missed posting for the past several days, but I haven’t skipped creating.

That being said — I DID skip drawing two days in a row, but I made up for it in writing. It has been a bit of a turbulent time for my family. I’ve had to stand up to people for my kids that I never expected to have to stand up to. It’s a long story for another time.

Suffice it to say…things have been rough. Especially as we get ready to launch CreateQuest in TWO DAYS!

CreateQuest Development

I’ve spent MOST of my creative time working on CreateQuest. The launch is right around the corner, so I’ve been doing some troubleshooting, video editing, meeting with Chris to iron out all of the kinks, then back to troubleshooting.

It’s going to be a rough alpha launch, but that’s the point. To get other users’ feedback to keep improving the platform.

I have also been working on an article for the launch. It tells one helluva story, so I’m excited to publish that and see what kind of response it gets.

Tattoos and things

I’ve also been tattooing and drawing for tattoos. And critiquing tattoos and artwork at the studio. Here’s a small image dump of some of the drawing and tattoo work:

What was awesome?

I’ve had a blast working on designs lately — when I have time to work on them.

I’ve also been getting super-excited about the launch of CreateQuest!

What needs work?

Turbulent times have caused an incredible amount of stress for my family. It has affected my sleep, my focus, and everything else.

Also, I’m having trouble planning my days as well due to the added difficulties. It is what it is.

What did I learn?

Toxic people are unnecessary in your life, regardless of where they come from. My kids mean more to me than any relationship I have.

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