Veteran’s Day is always a strange day for me. My father passed away on Veteran’s Day (and he was a veteran), so it’s a day that I usually wake up feeling a bit of…something different. I can’t really explain it. I miss him, I guess.

But the day must go on. He was a work-a-holic, and he pounded the same attitude into me. So after doing my morning studies I got straight to the drawing board. Or tablet.

Another day where I’m pretty happy with my warm-up. It’s not excellent, but it’s pretty good. My first ellipse in perspective was a bit off, and, of course, some of my target exercises are off, but I had a decent time practicing strokes and executing them.

My gestures, though…I’m really happy with these. For the most part, anyway. It’s time to start adding more nuance to the poses, I’m finally back to being able to simplify the forms enough for a good FORCE-inspired mannequin gesture.

I’ll experiment with a little more subtlety next time. Looking back at them, I can see some pretty glaring proportional issues, but those will probably resolve over time with practice.

One of my two tattoos for the day. I’m pretty pleased with the quality of this one, but I needed to spend just a little more time saturating the color. I just ran out of time on this one.

What went well?

  • I’m finally caught up with all but ONE of my tattoos that were scheduled before the COVID shutdown.

What needs work?

  • Energy management again. Again. I’m so short on sleep that I can feel it in my BONES.

What did I learn?

I’m still in the process of learning my lesson about over-booking myself. I need to push through this week and I’ll be in the clear on over-booked tattoos. Just this week.

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