Like a Freight Train

2024 started on a high note. We held the grand reopening event at Affinity on New Year’s Eve, I had a month of booked tattoos, and then…I got sick.

It started with sleepiness, then escalated into an internal furnace and hacking cough. I had an extreme flu. And by the end of the week, my kids also brought home COVID.

I was bedridden for a week, then off work for another 3 days.

Disruptions, disruptions.

I had plans going into the New Year. Not resolutions, but plans that I lay out every 3 months.

Plans involving my fitness, art projects, marketing initiatives, networking initiatives, financial targets, family time…

Lots of plans. But plans go awry when reality has a say.

Realities like the FluCoViD. It was the most extreme disruption I’ve experienced since my kids were born (each one of ‘em).

Recovery, itself, has been grueling. Even though the fever is a memory, the fatigue remains. After spending 15 minutes cleaning or cooking, I need a matching nap to continue functioning.

Focus on art? That’s a joke! I’ve rescheduled more people than I thought necessary in an effort to prepare art that I’m grinding through with gritted teeth.

An obstacle to overcome.

I know what I’m capable of under normal operating conditions. I can (and have) moved mountains when the momentum is there.

Knowing the possibilities is what gives me hope right now. I will slowly rebuild the elusive momentum I once had. One step at a time.

That goal to overcome my current reality starts with my blog and my YouTube channel.

My blog will host my daily thoughts and sketches. My YouTube channel will take my “best” daily thoughts and host them as long-form video content that hopefully resonates with my audience.

The eventual momentum destination (which I will surpass and adjust) is one piece of finished, print-worthy art every month, at least 2 videos per month on YouTube, and a steady stream of output that acts as a buffer against the near financial ruin I experienced during this latest round of illness.

But it starts with sketching, writing, and filming. Simple things that add up to something larger than the sum of the parts.

The big “why.”

Motivators are important. So what are mine?

I want my family to have a better life than I’ve been able to provide.

I’ve built things I’m proud of, but I tend to get complacent once they’re finished. I don’t keep going.

And then I fall back to where I started. It’s a rollercoaster ride of wealth and health followed by poverty.

My wife and kids deserve more than that. So I’m making changes. A better lifestyle starts with establishing better habits, not bigger goals. But the habits I’m establishing are in service to my own bigger goals, but more importantly, they’re in service to the identity I want to develop.

I hope to look back on this post in a year and be proud of the identity I’ve developed instead of ashamed of the home we live in and the live I’ve failed to provide for my amazing family.

We shall see.

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