Musings on the Business of Art

Where to Build Your Castle

You finally found the “promised land.” Your friends told you how amazing this land was, so you joined them. You loved what you saw. Everyone

3 Types of People to Never Waste Your Creative Energy With

You can’t always control who you become friends with — and you don’t get to choose your family. But you can control who you spend time with. If you want to have a successful future, surround yourself with successful creatives. Make friends with artists who have similar goals and aspirations. And don’t be afraid to let go of toxic friendships.

Student of Life

I can think of a few incredibly valuable life skills that don’t get taught. Let’s identify the real skills that make you successful.

Twelve Tattoos

I do my best work when I’m excited about it. Here are the wish-list tattoos that I’m interested in tackling in 2022.