NEWS // We’re Selling Everything and Hitting the Road: Our Journey to Nomadic Freedom

Haley and I are making a bold move. We’re selling almost everything we own, including our home, and embracing the nomadic life with our kids.

Yeah, you read that right. In about 10 months, we’re going to be homeless nomads, hitting the road by April or May of 2025 if everything goes as planned.

And yes, this means I’ll be stepping back from full-time tattooing. But don’t freak out—you’ve got time to get your ink therapy before we go.

Why the Sudden Change?

I’ve always leaned towards minimalism.

In a previous post, I talked about solving problems by removing, not adding.

But life happened.

We accumulated a ton of “stuff” that kept us tied to Kentucky. Then I built a business here, which rooted us even deeper.

We chased the American Dream—something I never really cared about. We tried to buy a bigger home, fixed our credit, got approved for a massive mortgage, and then got hit with medical bills that nearly crushed us before we could close on the house.

That turned out to be a blessing. It made me realize we were trying to upsize because that’s what we’re “supposed to do.”

But all we want to do is travel and maybe move somewhere further North.

Breaking Free

Since my grandfather passed away in 2021, nothing much has held me here. Haley’s family is in Tennessee and Mississippi, so we hardly see them either.

I’ve always been a nomad at heart. Living in an RV is something we’ve discussed for a long time but always dismissed because of the amount of stuff we have—too many kids, too many animals.

My solution? Less stuff. Our kids have way more than they need. They use 2% of their stuff 98% of the time. So, it’s time to downsize.

The Cost-Saving Benefits

We’ve already started saving for an RV. We chose an RV over a 5th-wheel because it means one payment instead of two—one for the motor home, no need for a truck.

Selling off our stuff has been surprisingly profitable. The money is going into a separate fund and it’s growing fast. Plus, getting rid of powered stuff is slashing our electric bill!

In an RV, we’ll save on heating and cooling a smaller space and truly live the minimalist lifestyle we’ve always wanted.

Going Minimalist

My wardrobe already fits in one drawer. Now it’s my family’s turn to adjust. Cutting down our clothing has made it clear how much other stuff we don’t need.

We’re keeping the essentials and ditching the rest. Each family member will have their own set of dishes—a plate, bowl, cup, fork, and spoon. That’s it. Everything else is out.

We’ll keep only the necessary appliances: the coffee pot, air fryer, blender, and toaster oven. The rest? Gone.

The Big Question: How Will We Make Money?

I can tattoo anywhere with guest spots. Haley’s on her way to becoming an RN and can make more than enough as a travel nurse.

But I need something more sustainable. Tattooing is hard on the body and there’s no retirement plan.

Enter this website: a Patreon-style platform where I’ll sell memberships, prints, and custom illustrations.

I’m transitioning from full-time tattoo artist to full-time illustrator. As much as I love tattooing, it’s a time-bound income. It’s restricting my freedom to travel with my family and explore the world.

I’m excited about the change. I’ll be travel blogging as an artist—a cool gig if you ask me. 😁


Over the next 10 months, we’re selling everything, buying an RV, and leaving Kentucky. I’m shifting from full-time tattoo artist to full-time illustrator.

We’re doing this to live our own dreams, not someone else’s, and we believe it will be an incredible experience for our kids.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and want to support our family’s adventure, consider signing up for a membership. Your support will help us keep creating and sharing our journey with you. Thanks for being a part of our story!

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