Facing Demons – Rough2

More progress on this piece. I’m starting to get at least a little bit satisfied with the progress.

Facing Your Demons – Rough1

Rough sketch for a keyframe design that I’m working on for the Valhalla camp. I’m borrowing composition tips from Frazetta here. Tons of fun to work out the puzzle, the time crunch is feeling very real right now, though.

Black Roses – Final

I had to stop working on this one, because it kept getting further from the image I had in my head. So I had to call it “done” but not perfect. I know there’s no perfection, but I’d like to retry this piece in the future.

Black Roses – Session 6

I’d call this more than a sketch and it’s approaching a final polish. I keep finding things I want to simplify. It’s…satisfying.

Inspiration Board – Facing Demons

I’m taking on a huge project with the Valhalla Art Boot Camp for VizDev. First assignment — create a mood board or reference board for a story of our own making.

This is going to be a project that is deeply personal, based on some of my own autobiographical elements mixed with a deiselpunk fantasy setting.

Suffice it to say…this is a weird project for me. And I’m really excited about it.

Black Roses – Sketch 5

Dropping back to values-only, then adding color worked out really well. I flattened this image and now I’m going to do a paint-over for the last stages.

Black Roses Sketch 4

Much happier with the values now. I’ll be adding color by Thursday.

Black Roses Sketch 3

I’ve been exploring, and I think I’d like to desaturate the entire thing and key the colors in later.

Jan ’23 P1

Just some construction sketches, a couple of fish, and an attempt at painting without structure.

I need some structure with a drawing before I paint right now. Or…I prefer it and the results are better. It’s a preference, not a “need.”

Learning a lot about painting like a sculptor, construction drawing, and creating strong value patterns. Will be reflected in upcoming works.

Welcome Back

My creative pursuits have led me all over the place lately. I’m back to posting here, though. Even if it’s just a few words every couple of days.

Neotrad Owl

Less, but better.

Less…but better. What is something you’re doing that you could do less of? What’s something you own that you could use less of?

How can you invest in less, but better? Less cookware of higher quality? Less clothing so you have higher quality and comfort? Less on your to-do so you can focus on the shit that truly matters?

Even as I’m trying to diversify my income, I’m narrowing my focus. I’m building a new basket for some of my eggs, but it’s very closely related to my career. One basket will help the other. Niche diversity.

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