Selling Promises – 2

I got back into this one almost immediately after I finished “To Make Her Anybody Else”

It’s a bit more of an intricate illustration, but I really want to bring the Leyendecker influence back in as strongly as possible.

Selling Promises

What are you willing to trade for an easy fix? The price might be higher than you realize.

This idea ended up getting shelved for now as I developed the next painting exploring a similar topic with a different subject matter – To Make Her Anybody Else

I may pick this one back up eventually. We’ll see.

Lucky Witnesses (Final)

Why is it that it doesn’t make people too uncomfortable to explore sex, power, and mental health with music, but when it turns visual it’s pornographic?

I’ve been creating art at an almost manic pace, lately. I’m not sure why. But there’s a lot I need to express, and I’m on a roll.

Lucky Witnesses – 1

Dragon session 1

Tiger Session 1

Got a good start on this full sleeve project. Can’t wait for session 2.

Dragon Tattoo

Design for a client. Work in progress.

Command (Final)

I wanted more dimension and vitality, so I painted in brighter lights and cooler darks, then more saturated colors in the transitions to give the impression of subsurface scattering. I like it much more now.


I’ve been painting non-stop today. I THINK I finished this piece, but I’m not sure. I’m waiting on a critique before I decide whether to call it finished or not.

The emotion: a woman is powerful, even if she isn’t “perfect” by societal standards. Confidence is more powerful than being petite. Teasing, hidden, but not ashamed.

The Cruelest Dream // Reality (Final)

Inspired by “The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring. I feel fortunate that I was able to build the life I’ve built when so many of my friends from high school haven’t had the opportunity, either from poor life choices or from poor choices that led to the ends of their lives. Sometimes the cruelest dream is reality.

The Cruelest Dream // Reality (Part 2)

More progress on this design today. I finally got the hair figured out, I think. It just needs more patience and painting. One day at a time.

The Cruelest Dream


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