Extra Boops

Doodle Boop Doodle

Doodle boop, or Boop Doodle. Both are acceptable.

King of the World

“I’m the fuckin’ king of the world — get on your knees.”


Design for a client — along with the inspiration image. Home is where the heart is.

Hiss ‘n Sizzle

Just some flash designs I sketched up.

Song of Storms

Design for a client. Fun tattoo!



Environments – Facing Demons

Some rough environment sketches for my IP.

Anatomy Studies

I’m studying every resource on the torso I can find right now. Mostly as a way to scratch an itch and keep moving through some sort of curriculum that interests me.

Anatomy Studies

Studying the anatomy and form of the torso. I love having a PDF open right next to Procreate while I draw.

Life, Death, Robots

One of my recent self-appointed challenges has been to open Procreate with Pinterest in a split screen and combine images that I see on my home feed.

The results can be rather unique.

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