Anatomy Studies

I’m studying every resource on the torso I can find right now. Mostly as a way to scratch an itch and keep moving through some sort of curriculum that interests me.

Anatomy Studies

Studying the anatomy and form of the torso. I love having a PDF open right next to Procreate while I draw.

Life, Death, Robots

One of my recent self-appointed challenges has been to open Procreate with Pinterest in a split screen and combine images that I see on my home feed.

The results can be rather unique.

Tattoo Flash

More tattoo flash that I’ve been working on with the iPad. This thing makes drawing so easy and fun.

Mountains and Clouds

Working through some challenges and tutorials for the Loish Patreon. Much better than my last cloud sketch. LoL

Gestures and a Figure

This is the last drawing of an hour-long gesture session. Getting more used to the iPad. I’ve found that I really need a drawing glove on to make it feel natural for some reason.

More Work

Life with shingles kinda sucks, but it gives me plenty of time to draw.

Camping and Expressions

An expression sheet for my OC that I’ve been developing for the Valhalla art camp.


I made 2 sheets of flash in 2 days. Because why not?

Addiction to Art

Procreate is making art easy, fun, and addicting. It’s so easy to make art that I rarely feel like stopping.

Learning More

Learning Procreate

I’m trying to learn good habits and workflows with Procreate, and I have to say – Procreate makes drawing and painting on the go very, very easy. I can even paint in the car on a road trip…

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