One of my favoritest clients came in for the first session on her next tattoo. It’s BIG.

Astro-Diver 2

The thumbnail stage for the Astro-Diver design. Feeling incredibly sleepy this afternoon, so I didn’t put the effort into it that I normally would. That’s a good sign that I need to take a step back and recover.

Astro-Diver 1

The first stages — collecting references and getting the idea down.

Father’s Birthday Juneteenth

Yesterday I celebrated my daughter, and today is my day to celebrate being a father. 🙂 I like the alignment this year. Today is also a day to celebrate independence, but of a different kind. Happy Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and Happy Birthday to my brother, too!

Harper’s Birthday

Today is my youngest daughter’s first birthday! It’s the last time we’ll celebrate a first birthday in our family, so my wife is incredibly sad. Maybe one day we’ll have grandchildren that we can celebrate with!

SVS #19

Odd exercise, looking at the directions of lines to imply a mood or convey an idea. Just the lines.

Dragon Rawr

Session 2 complete. I’m focused on long gradients, contrast, and flow with the body. Also built line weights for emphasis today.


Finished a claw and wing for a tattoo that I started and discovered that I had more room to work with than I thought I did.

SVS #18

This one was challenging, but I took my time, focused on value groups, then color groups, and then increasing contrast selectively. I could have taken it further, but I feel like I got a grasp on the concept. It was a fun puzzle to figure out!

How’s the Fit?

Is it better to have a good fit or a GREAT one?

Is it worth waiting for a GREAT fit? I think so…

SVS #17

More progress on the Creative Composition exercises!


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