Date Completed: 2024

Sessions: 4 Sessions

Total Time: 13 hrs tattoo, 3 hrs design

About this Tattoo

Dusty is one of my favorite people to work with. This was only his 2nd tattoo, and he wanted to go HUGE with it. His idea was deceptively simple.

Using the “Divergent” series as inspiration, he wanted to represent different aspects of his personality with one big tattoo involving a Kraken. But he wanted it to be more about his personal tastes instead of recreating all of the houses from Divergent.

So he thought of his personal fandoms and organizations, then used symbols from each of those fandoms as representations of his personality.

TONS of fun to work on. We stenciled each symbol and the main body of the octopus/kraken, then I used marker to design the fit and flow of the tentacles. 

The first session took the longest, as I wanted to get the main pieces applied and then gray-lined so it was permanent on the skin without being too dark to work with during future sessions.

Every session after the 1st was detailing and texturing one section of his body at a time until it was finished. We still have one tightening session left to go, but that will only take approximately 1 hour to complete.

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