Death, Sex, Robots

Completed: Feb 2024

Sessions: 3

Total Time: 9 hrs

About this Tattoo

I’ve worked with Jaymie on several projects, and she never ceases to surprise me. This was a tattoo that I had on my “wishlist” and had the art prepared on my wall:

After a brief discussion, we decided to do this on her LEG. But then she wanted to do something bigger with it. So we moved the idea to her back. Jaymie’s one major request was that we add a blood moon to the background somewhere.

And that’s exactly what we did.

This tattoo was broken into 3 sessions — the first session was primarily lines and the first pass of black.

The second session was touching-up lines and black, then doing all of the softer gray wash shading.

And the final session was the blood moon and smoothing out some of the gray wash.

All-said, this is one of my favorite tattoos so far. I can’t wait to tackle more large projects like this one.

NOTE: 3 sessions and 9 hours is not normal for a full back tattoo. Jaymie is a tiny, tiny person. This was the equivalent amount of work of doing a half-sleeve on a larger muscular man.

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