What the Fawks

Date Completed: April 5, 2024

Sessions: 1 half-day session

Total Time: 3.5 hrs

About this Tattoo

Jessica is a teacher and a die-hard life-long Harry Potter fan. She is a Witch who laughs at silly Muggles, and she has been decorating her leg with her favorite fandom for quite a while.

The latest addition was this watercolor Fawks that is going to act as the catalyst to tie all of the various Potter pieces together. Stay tuned for progress on this one. I’m a little excited!

P.S. – I am also nerd, hear me roar. If you have a fandom tattoo idea (especially if it comes to fantasy literature like Wheel of Time, Mistborn, LotR, Ice and Fire, etc…hit me up. Or comic stuff. I like comics, too. And D&D/Pathfinder…I think you get the point.

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