The Joys of a Clean Slate

Historically, I’ve always enjoyed moving to a new home. Sometimes that means moving across the country, other times that means moving across town. Either way, the great purge before a move has always been refreshing to me.

Three weeks ago I gifted myself a fresh install of Windows on my laptop. Then I created a new platform for my blog. A week ago I did another clean install of Windows on my desktop computer.

It may sound extreme, but every time I give myself permission to start with a clean slate, I always feel refreshed.

Paint over the masterpiece that lost its direction. Throw out the newsprint drawing that didn’t go where you wanted it to. Donate your wardrobe to a local charitable organization. Clear your calendar.

Enjoy the great purge and move forward without the weight of your once-upon-a-time obsessions slowing you down.

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