The Karma of Kindness

Discover the power of kindness in building a network. Learn how to earn fulfillment and success through genuine kindness, and how it can make a meaningful impact on the world. With practical tips on networking with kindness and building a network that helps you achieve your goals (and feel good about yourself in the process)!

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Passion Doesn’t Pay: Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Learn the hard-won wisdom of a tattoo artist turned creative entrepreneur. In “Passion Doesn’t Pay the Bills,” I share practical advice on pursuing a creative career. Discover how to manage risk, develop your skills, and find work you love. Don’t miss this if you’re curious about creative careers!

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The Power of Play: Why Loving Your Work Matters

Discover why it’s important to find work you love and how it can benefit you creatively, emotionally, and professionally. Learn how to redefine success on your terms and find a craft you enjoy doing, leading to greater productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

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